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"in San Francisco, Wuorinen's big new cantata GENESIS, commissioned by the San Francisco, Minnesota and Honolulu orchestras, has had its premiere, conducted by Herbert Blomstedt (who had suggested its composition), Three movements: settings of chant incipits concerned with creation (Kyrie orbis factor etc.) of Genesis I (in the Vulgate), and a burst of Alleluias with a Cantate domino canticum novum as the climax.  Between them, two orchestral interludes, the first flowing and lovely, the second a Big Bang generating waves of energy that subside into peacefulness.  Gregorian chant provides the themes; rhythmic reordering, transpositions, chromatic inflections, and intricate instrumental counterpoints make them rich and exciting.  The first movement has been called "a series of celebratory starbursts"; the Cantata dominum is an ecstatic dance; there is much lyrically beautiful music.  A joyful, exuberant Hymn of Praise is unexpected in these days.  This is an exhilarating composition."  Andrew Porter, The Financial Times


  • Genesis, Mass, Josquin: Ave Christe, A Solis Ortu (Charles Wuorinen Series)
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