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Writings By Charles Wuorinen

  • An Elevated Wind Music

    by Charles Wuorinen, Journal of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles, 7/2000

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  • Notes on the Performance of Contemporary Music

    Perspectives of New Music, Fall-Winter 1964

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  • Program note on Pierrot Lunaire

    By Charles Wuorinen (for Nonesuch LP H71251)

    Download (PDF, 146 kB)
  • Stravinsky's Last Works

    by Charles Wuorinen, Carnegie Hall pamphlet, "Perspectives: Peter Serkin", 2001

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Writings About Charles Wuorinen

  • A "Simple Composition" of Charles Wuorinen: Isomorphism, Self-Similarity, and Nesting in Cello Variations

    by Brendan McConville, Theory and Practice 36: 151 - 177 (2011)

    Download (PDF, 712 kB)
  • An Introduction to the Music of Charles Wuorinen

    by Louis Karchin

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  • Atonal, Of Course, But Deep Down He's Got Rhythm

    by Alex Ross, June 27, 1993

    Download (PDF, 4 MB)
  • Charles Wuorinen's Reliquary for Stravinsky

    by Louis Karchin, Contemporary Music Review, 2001, vol.20

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  • Charles Wuorinen, Explorer of the Mathematics of Music

    by Robert Kendall, PC/Computing Vol. 3, No.1 January 1990

    Download (PDF, 686 kB)
  • Charles Wuorinen: A Celebration at 80

    Perspectives of New Music, Vol. 56, No. 2, Summer 2018

    Download (PDF, 36 kB)
  • Charles Wuorinen: The Politics of Harmony

    by William Hibbard, Perspectives of New Music, Spring/Summer 1969

    Download (PDF, 6 MB)
  • Guitar Variations

    by Todd Seelye, Soundboard the Journal of the Guitar Foundtion of America, Spring 1997

    Download (PDF, 513 kB)
  • Leslie Kendell, New York Times

    Interview, New York Times, April 28, 1996

    Download (PDF, 2 MB)
  • On Developing the Electronic Tracks for Bamboula Squared

    by Lee Ray, UCSD

    Download (PDF, 206 kB)
  • One-Stop Shopping on the Cultural Circuit,

    by New York Times, Leslie Kendell, April 28, 1996

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  • Pitch Centricity as an Organizing Principle in Speculum Speculi Charles Wuorinen

    by Louis Karchin

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  • Rutgers Prize: a composer who can't stop teaching

    by Ruth Bonapace, April 1994

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  • The Recent Music of Charles Wuorinen

    by Jeffrey Kresky, Perspectives of New Music, Vol. 25 Nos. 1&2, Winter 1987/Summer 1987

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