Charles Wuorinen -  A Tribute-cover
Haroun and The Sea of Stories-cover
Alphabetical Ashbery, Fourth Piano Sonata, It Happens Like This-cover
Haroun Pianobook-cover
Eighth Symphony & Fourth Piano Concerto-cover
Chamber Music For Violin, Piano And Harpsichord, Andreas Skouras,  Anna Skouras-cover
Metagong (Charles Wuorinen Series)-cover
Big Spinoff-cover
Marimba Variations-cover
Percussion Quartet-cover
The Golden Dance, Five, Amplified Violin Concerto (Charles Wuorinen Series)-cover
Genesis, Mass, Josquin: Ave Christe, A Solis Ortu (Charles Wuorinen Series)-cover
Vocal Works (Charles Wuorinen Series)-cover
Duos (Charles Wuorinen Series)-cover
Fast Fantasy performed by Fred Sherry (Charles Wuorinen Series)-cover
Archaeoptryx, Hyperion,  Schoenberg Orchestra Variations arr by Wuorinen (Charles Wuorinen Series)-cover
The Haroun Songbook (Charles Wuorinen Series)-cover
Adapting To The Times, solos and duos (Charles Wuorinen Series)-cover
On Alligators, Third Piano Concerto, Fourth String Quartet, Natural Fantasy-cover
Lepton,  New York Notes,  Time's Encomium, Epithalamium-cover
Wuorinen: Piano Works / Alan Feinberg-cover
Second Piano Quintet, Scherzo, Viola Variations, First String Quartet-cover
Ashberyana, Fenton Songs I & II, Josquiniana, Praegustatum, Josquin: Ave Christe-cover
Dante Trilogy-cover
Tashi, Fortune, Percussion Quartet-cover
String Sextet, Piano Quintet, Second String Quartet, Divertimento-cover
Six Trios-cover
Percussion Symphony-cover
Cyclops 2000 & A Reliquary for Igor Stravinsky-cover
Music of Two Decades Vol. I-cover
Music of Two Decades Vol. II-cover
Music of Two Decades Vol. III-cover
Works for Violin and Piano-cover
The Winds, Duo, Bassoon Variations-cover
Chamber Works-cover
Grand Bamboula / James Levine-cover
American Masters - Wuorinen-cover
Southwest Chamber Music-cover
Saxophone Quartet / Raschèr Quartet-cover
Bagatelle / Peter Sekin-cover
Second Piano Sonata  / Jeffrey Swann-cover
The Blue Bamboula / Ursula Oppens-cover
The Blue Bamboula / Molly Morkoski-cover
Fifty Fifty & Katz Fugue / Blair McMillen-cover
A Winter's Tale / Bryn-Julson, Markham (European music)-cover
A Winter's Tale / Bryn-Julson, Markham (American music)-cover
Second Trio (Piece for Stefan Wolpe)-cover
Missa Brevis-cover
Hexadactyl / William Anderson-cover
Dodedadactyl / Anderson-Feder Duo-cover
Consort of Four Trombones / Stentorian Consort-cover
Self-Similar Waltz / Eric Moe-cover
Joan's / Da Capo-cover
Symphony No. 3-cover
Fanfare For Rutgers-cover
Guitar Variations / Todd Seelye-cover
A Reliquary for Igor Stravinsky-cover
Killer Tuba Songs (Never Again The Same)-cover
Duo Parnas Now (Album Leaf)-cover
New York New Music Ensemble (New York Notes)-cover
Robert Miller (First Piano Sonata)-cover
Diary of a Seducer (Sonata for Guitar & Piano)-cover
Mysterious Morning (Virtuoso Saxophone Music)-cover
Heart Shadow-cover
Broken Consort (Fenton Songs with guitars)-cover
Perennials (Hexadactyl)-cover
Contemporary Saxophone (Divertimento)-cover
Guitar Variations/Zane Merritt-cover