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Machault Mon Chou

22(eh)3(bcl)3(cbsn) 4231 t,p,hp,str

"A brilliantly orchestrated 20th century recollection of the bold musical manner of the 14th century composer.  By offering elements, phrases, gestures simultaneously, Wuorinen good-naturedly seemed to be presenting all of Machault's work at once.  The three movements provided changing moods.  The performance implied homage, parody, admiration and exploration." Philadelphia Inquirer "A charming, evocative, colorful piece" Atlanta Journal Constitution "This proved to be a work of unusual power and appeal, with wonderful rhythms and haunting harmonies." San Diego Union "The II -minute score is a loving transmutation, as charmingly impudent as its title ... splashed across an orchestral canvas that is resolutely 20th century, with full brass choir and a battery of percussion." San Francisco Chronicle