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Tashi (Orchestra Version)

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TASHI was composed in during 1975 for the ensemble of the same name who premiered the work the following year. The work exists in two versions, chamber -- being heard this evening -- and a version for the four soloists and orchestra (the TASHI ensemble premiered this version with the Cleveland Orchestra - also in 1976 - under the composers' baton). TASHI is approximately 32 minutes divided into three large movements punctuated by two short interludes. This is one of Wuorinen's most extraordinary chamber works of the 1970's and it requires great virtuosity from the four players.

-Howard Stokar, 1996

"A musical cataclysm shook Severance Hall last Wednesday night.  Charles Wuorinen 's Tashi Concerto, which was given its world premiere by the Cleveland Orchestra and the Tashi ensemble, erupts in violent outbursts of sonic energy. ..Brilliantly organized ... Gripping from beginning to end...intriguing instrumental doublings color the intricate musical fabric, and in the slow movement, the horns are assigned a particularly beautiful passage.  Powerfully per-formed under the composer's precise direction, the concerto made a strong first impression as a musical statement of intensity, substance and style." Cleveland Plain Dealer