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The Great Procession (Orchestra Version)

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The work is in seven movements, punctuated by four occurrences of a brief refrain. In an indirect way, the movements are referential, as they were occasioned by the contemplation of certain elements and incidents in the Purgatorio of Dante; to be more specific, in the great cortége that takes place at the climax of the poem, when Dante has reached the earthly Paradise at the top of the Mount of Purgatory The piece exists in two versions: the chamber version heard this evening and an orchestral version, which is to serve as a ballet with choreography by Peter Martins.

The chamber version was commissioned by the Christian Humann Foundation for the New York New Music Ensemble; the orchestral version by the New York City Ballet for Peter Martins. I wish to give grateful acknowledgment for this support.


Seven Movements

I. The Seven Lights
II. The Elders
III. The Chariot
IV. The Griffin
V. The Seven Virtues
VI. The Departure
VII. The Unveiling