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The Politics of Harmony (A Masque)

alto, tenor, bass soli,2fl(picc,2alto),2tba,p(3),pf,2hp,2vn,2cb
9/27/1966 - 11/17/1967
Score copied by Nicolas Roussakis

"I composed the Politics of Harmony in 1967, and directed the first perfor­mance in October 1968, with the Group for Contemporary Music at Columbia University. The work is, for all its non-western origins and connections, very much in the tradition of Handelian staged oratorio—that is—the staging is intended as embellishment to the music. The text of the work, which was adapted for me from, mainly, the Shih Chi of the great ancient historian Ssu-ma Ch'ien, will itself provide the essential narrative information. As for the complex of associations and significances the ch'in (which is really a seven-string zither-type instrument) and its music possess, it may be best to lea. such considerations to the verbal part of this evening. And the same may be said for my responses to these associations."

—Charles Wuorinen